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About Building Blocks Learning Center

We hope you consider scheduling a tour and learning more about our programs and how our family can support your family’s needs.

Building Blocks Learning Center is a family owned childcare center that fosters care and learning for children ages 6 weeks to school age. Our center has successfully been operating for 28 years and we strive to meet all the individual needs of each family and child in our care.

These are the most formative and critical years in childrens' lives and at Building Blocks Learning Center, we want to work with our families to provide an excellence in care and learning. Our staff is highly trained and all have sincere passions for working with families and young children.





Emotional and Social Development


We offer infant, toddler, preschool programs. We also have a pre-kindergarten program for children who are 4 years of age and not eligible for kindergarten based on their birthdate, as well as kindergarten aged children who may need more time to develop social, emotional, and academic skills. Each program fosters developmentally appropriate practices and focuses on the creative, social, emotional, and cognitive learning skills necessary for each stage of development.

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Our gymnastics teacher, Broccoli, comes in weekly from the Connecticut Gymnastics Academy and provides 30 minutes of tumbling and gross motor activities for children ages 2 and older. Miss Mary is our music extraordinaire who visits all classrooms and loves to bring her guitar and sing any songs familiar and new to the children. Toddlers and preschoolers get the opportunity to do yoga in the classroom.

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  • Full Time Care

    All day hours and care are available to those families who have full time careers.

  • Part Time Care

    Perfect for families who only need a few days a week or want their child to start slow.

  • Enrolling your Child

    Be sure to call us to schedule a no obligation tour of our learning center.

Meet the Director

Christine Rice



Welcome to Building Blocks Learning Center! My name is Christine Rice and I am the owner and Director here at our center.

It is such an amazing opportunity to own a center that can be considered a home away from home to all the wonderful children who attend BBLC! I enjoy getting to re-experience the simple pleasures in life through the eyes of the children and helping them build a solid future through education and play! Outside of work I enjoy rock climbing and spending time with my family and friends.

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Meet the Staff


Assistant Director

My favorite part about teaching preschool is seeing the children's excitement when you teach them something new or read a new book. They have such a true love for learning. In my free time, my husband and I love to ride our motorcycle and spend time with our family and friends.



Infant/Toddler Teacher

What I like best about working with children is their energy and enthusiasm for the simple things. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, and I can always make time for a good book.



Toddler Teacher

I love working with children because of the endless excitement and wonder they have when learning new things. I also love being a part of their first experience with school, which paves the way to a successful future. In my free time I love to spend time with my family, go for rides on my quad and relax by a fire.



Toddler Teacher

I enjoy working with the kids and making them laugh. I love supporting their early learning experiences. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, nature, and sleep.



Toddler Teacher

I enjoy working with children because they are always eager to learn and always put a smile on my face. I am currently attendingQuinnipiac University and during my free time I enjoy going to the gym, watching football, and spending time with friends and family.



Infant Teacher

I enjoy providing quality care for infants, fostering growth and celebrating their milestones. It's very rewarding when it's time to set them free to their next level of learning. In my free time, I enjoy painting, running, and gardening, as well as quality time with family and friends.



Toddler Teacher

I love working with children because it's great to watch them discover new things and grow. I my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.



Waddler Teacher

I like being able to watch the kids grow and get excited about learning new things. In my free time I play softball and enjoy hanging out with family and friends. In the summertime I like to travel and go to the beach!



Infant/Waddler Teacher

Working with children is such a fun and wonderful learning experience. I love watching the children grow and learn something new every day. Walking into my classroom always puts a smile on my face. I enjoy going to school and continuing my education. I absolutely love spending time with my two boys Blake and Camden. I love being able to watch my children grow and learn each day! I also love spending a lot of my free time with my family.



Infant/Waddler Teacher

What I love about working with children is seeing the excitement when they learn something new. In my free time I love to read or go to the gym. I also attend college for human services and will graduate in 2 years.



Toddler Teacher

I love seeing children discover new things, getting excited about a book and watching them grow as individuals. I love seeing them able to do something they haven't been able to do before. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and three dogs, helping out with a local rescue and getting lost in a good book.



Toddler Teacher

I love working with children because they brighten my day. Children do something new each day and it's awesome to see them grow. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter and twin boys.



Toddler Teacher

I love seeing growth and knowledge through the children. In my spare time, I love to play with my dog.



Toddler Teacher

I love to watch kids develop, and learn new things. Their excitement when they've accomplished something new warms my heart. In my free time I enjoy bowling with my family. I also enjoy drawing, and embracing my creativity.



Toddler Teacher

I love getting to watch children discover new things, learn more about themselves and their surroundings, and seeing them grow more and more into their personalities with each passing day. I always love how funny and creative they are. The best part is being able to support them, to laugh and sing along with them. They help to view the world in a different perspective. They make it fun. In my free time, I love to draw, read whenever I have the opportunity, and my favorite part of the day is getting to spend time with animals and play with my dog.


Waddler Teacher


I love working with kids because they are so loveable and positive! I love seeing them learn and grow. In my free time, I am obtaining my graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis and I love spending time outdoors and with family!



Preschool Teacher

I enjoy working with kids because I love the look of surprise and curiosity on their faces when they learn something new. In my free time I enjoy doing arts and crafts with my kids and hiking.



Toddler Teacher

I like working with children because I love to watch them grow and develop. I like being provided the opportunity to influence and shape the lives of the children. I spend my free time playing ice hockey or hanging out with friends.




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Happy Customers

My daughter had been at Building Blocks for almost a year now, she is happy, well cared for, and enjoys her time there. Director, teachers, and staff are all experienced, knowledable, and nurturing. We love it!

Cathy Asselin

My son has been at Building Blocks for 3 years and we (and he) loves it. The teachers have been very nice and responsive to anything we have asked of them and we always feel that he gets the attention that he needs. We feel he is getting a great headstart for future education plus the social skills that will help him transition to the next level. Thanks!

Doug Latham

I am extremely pleased with the care and attention my son has received since starting at Building Blocks! He has grown both socially and educationally under the care of the superior staff, as well as Christine, the owner. The rooms are clean, bright and neat and the outdoor area is very big to accommodate all age groups.

Jessica Santore

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